How to unlock Gmail Account?

By | September 1, 2018

Google is actually very strict in these kind of problems it means Google keeps its all products and services up to its policies.

In case if Google finds any type of suspicious or any unusual activities on user’s account so it will strike out the complete access to the service. To keep safe or protect the user’s Gmail account from the frauds or abuses, Google may temporarily lock or suspend the user’s Gmail account.

According to the Help Support of Google the following activities might be lock down the user’s Gmail account which might last from a minute to 24 hours which is actually depending on the behavior of the user’s Gmail account usage which is totally detected by the system.

Actually, whenever the user sign in with their Gmail account, cookies data is actually taken up by the Google and it is totally stored over the servers. All these cookies and cache data helps the user for the further references for login.

But when the user mention an invalid password cookies undergo expiration and when all the limit numbers of attempts are crossed all the cookies expire. This one lock the user’s Gmail account.

User can easily access their locked Google Gmail account, user just have to sign in by using a different server of Google. Actually these servers do not have any type of knowledge about cookies expiration and locking of the Google Gmail account hence can be easily used for login.

New servers are totally fresh and so user can view and access their mails.

How to Unlock Gmail Account?

Here we will instruct you that how can the user get back their access on Google Gmail Account. They just have to follow the following steps which are given below:

  • First of all user have to remove the settings of IMAP and POP which is made from their email software.
  • Now close all the opened Google Gmail instances in the devices and the browsers.
  • After that evoke the access to the third party applications and the software.
  • The next step is to remove all the extensions of the browser.
  • The last step is to clear all the cache of the browser and just Log in again.

If the user follow all the given steps so they can get easily back the access on their Google Gmail’s Account.

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