Gmail Shortcuts that Save a lot of Time

By | September 1, 2018

Gmail was launched for the first time in the year 2004. Gmail has made itself known out to be one of the well-known and most popular email service providers.

It is engaged regarding providing with the 15GB of the storage and even controls the less spam. Gmail is all aimed at making the task of working with e-mails an effortless and pleasant experience.

Many of the Gmail users have been in search of the Gmail shortcuts to make their daily working task easy and effortless to do. There are specific interesting Gmail shortcuts which most of us hardly use.

But if you will use all those shortcuts of Gmail, you will be making your Google Mail experience better. Let’s discuss few of the primary alternatives!

What are the Basic Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail?

Working on Gmail through the keyboard comes out to be much faster than working with a mouse. To make the use of Gmail keyboard shortcuts, you have to “TURN ON” the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Gmail settings.

Numerous shortcuts are available are as mentioned below:

  • c for composing a new mail
  • e for archiving emails
  • r for replying
  • f for forwarding
  • shift + you for marking emails as unread
  • variation + I for labeling all the selected emails as read
  • *n for deselecting all emails
  • j/k for moving to new or older emails
  • l for labeling
  • g a to go to all mail
  • gd to go to drafts
  • gi to go to inbox
  • [enter] to go into the thread pointed to by the cursor
  • x to select/deselect the current thread pointed to by the cursor

Gmail shortcut for Adding Signatures:

Gmail will be giving you with the option of adding a signature automatically regarding all of the outgoing emails. It would be helping you as in saving time consumed in adding with the name to each email individually. Let’s see how it is possible to do:

You can add the title by going to Settings > General.
You have to scroll down into the Signature section. This will let the formatting window to pop up with all the tools for formatting signature.

The signature can be created through the use of images, links, bullets, and so on.

Shortcut for Preview Pane Option in Gmail:

This feature would make it easy for you to read all your messages in a new preview pane. In this way, you do not have to open the words to understand it. This will save much of your time and effort. To choose this option, go to Settings > Labs and enable “Preview Pane“.

A new button will appear that is used to change the layout of the inbox. This would let the mailbox to split up as vertically and horizontally.

So these have been few of the critical and outsourced best Gmail shortcuts that would not just save your time and effort but will increase your productivity as well.

So without wasting any time try these interesting Gmail shortcuts right now and make your Gmail processing task a lot easy to do!

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