Gmail Basic Settings that we must know

By | September 1, 2018

If you are using an online server to use their services in order to gain access to their email account then first you must know different kinds of services that they are providing in order to provide you ease of access and ease of use.

Since mostly people all around the world use Gmail in order to use their mail box they must know the settings that the Gmail group provides its users in order to give them the utmost security and keep their personal information private.

We may not agree with some of those settings but they are better for our security.

Must to know settings of Gmail:

Different settings that google provides its customer with are mentioned below:

  • Firstly google allows you to choose people from your contacts to whom you want to give access to the specific information. This is a very nice step and a person can share his personal data with only those people to who they think is trustworthy.
  • You can link different applications that you are using on your android phone with your Gmail account and save you data online.
  • You can synchronize your data and personal information between different devices that you are using at the same time with the same Gmail account and it allows to synchronize your contacts, calendar events and many other details.

  • You can save your search history and bookmarks on your Gmail account and you can also stop your account from recording your browsing history. That is entirely up to you to activate this feature or not.
  • You can back up the personal data from different applications and websites that you are using to your Gmail account so that if in any case that application is malfunctioning then you can have your data saved and added once the app is functional again.
  • Once you have sent an email and you come to know that this email has been sent to the wrong person you can undo that and within the blink of an eye your email will be removed from the mail box of that person.
  • Gmail also sorts out your emails according to their genre. The emails regarding the social portals that you are using will be separated from those that are actually important and the emails that are sent to you for the promotional purposes will be separated and the emails regarding different updates will be sorted in a separate group.
  • Gmail also allows you to search for something even if you remember a single word or a part of the name of the sender it will help you locate that email with in no time.

These settings that Gmail provide its customers with are only to provide its customer with the best experience of using email service and satisfy their doubts regarding mail box safety.

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