Make your Gmail Account More Secure

By | October 5, 2018

To protect your Gmail account from being hacked follow this article. Gmail is a web-based mailing service available on the internet.

There are so many mailing services available on the internet but most of the people prefer Gmail as their primary account.



The email account is used to send some important letters, images, videos, documents etc. Some people have nothing in their life but to look into another emails for money or personal reasons.

Keeping a lengthy password to secure your Gmail is not enough why because intruders are everywhere they can hack easily and they can put your life at risk.

They can get into your account when you use the same password for multiple accounts and downloading software from the internet, clicking on unwanted ads.

When the intruders hack your account they delete your important documents and they will use your net banking and send unwanted emails from your account to other people.

Keep Your Gmail Account Secure Against Hackers:

You can secure your account from hackers by following below methods and implementing them.


Make sure that your password is well chosen and not shared and don’t keep the same password for multiple accounts and don’t keep simple passwords like your mobile number, your name etc your password should the tough and lengthy with a mixture of both letters and that nobody can guess your password.

If you want to change your password, go to Account settings page and click on the security tab. You will find password settings.

Make sure the reset and recovery options are safe. In the same tab, you can find recovery and alert section in that provide your mobile number and alternative email address.

The details should be correct because these contact details are used to send alerts when google find suspicious activity on your account.

This type of alerts can be adjusted using Edit option.If you are not able to login to your Gmail Account then

What to do we have Gmail Login Problems

TWO-STEP VERIFICATION: Two-step verification is another method to secure account from intruder’s. It is an extra layer to protect your account in addition to the password.

In this you need to log in with the password and an extra security code is sent to your mobile number that security code should be entered into the box provided to access your account.

Sign into your account and go to settings page and click on security button you will find two-step verification.

You will find it below the Change password option.

To set it up you need to provide your mobile number. It will ask you whether to send the security code via SMS or phone call chooses you can choose anything.

It will send the security code to your mobile phone and you need to enter that code to access your account. If any person guesses your password also he cannot login to your account because he needs to enter the security code to access.

Find out if your email is being opened in suspicious locations:

If anyone opens your account you will get acknowledgment – IMMEDIATE RED FLAG. Immediately you can assume happening is minuscule, but it’s better to confirm once.

Go to the bottom of your Gmail inbox page and click details on the right side of your screen under last account activity. Once you click the link you will get pop up as shown below.

This window shows you the various place from where your account was accessed. See whether the places are familiar or not on the list.

You should set an alert by clicking on Show an alert for unusual activity. If your account is accessed from an unfamiliar place or from another device you will get an alert on your mobile.

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