Complete Guide to Gmail Account Deletion Process

By | October 5, 2018

Gmail Account is linked up with my other services that are provided by Google. Deleting Gmail Account includes all these things to delete. Google services like Google Play, Google Drive, Calendar, Blogger, YoTube, Picasa etc.

Sometimes you can just delete your Gmail account and keep other services. For this, you need to follow some simple steps and delete your Gmail Account.

Delete Gmail Account:

As there are many services linked up with Gmail Account sometimes you need to backup the data from Gmail account. If you backup the data from your account you may not regret later.

Once you delete your account you cannot always restore it. Sometimes there is an option to restore the data within 90 days of the period. Before this period, you can get back your account.

To backup, the account here are some simple steps to follow them and keep them safe for further use.

Backup your Gmail Account:

  • First login to your account with the Gmail id you want to Delete your account.
  • Now go to right side corner icon and click on it to see other option. Here you find Account Settings. Click on it.
  • Now a new page will open where you can find account tools, under this, you find “Download Data“.
  • In the next page select the Google products to backup and remove the products you don’t need.
  • After you finish the selection click on “Next Button” which is seen at the bottom of the page.
  • In the next page select the “File Type” in which you want the files to download. Then click on “Creative Archive“.
  • Now finally, you successfully made a backup of your Gmail account.

Few Steps to Delete Gmail Account:

  • First login to your account with the Gmail id that you have already made the backup and set for deleting.
  • Click on accounts at the right side corner and products in the new page that appeared in front of you.
  • Here on the next page, you will find “Edit” that just beside Your Products.
  • Now on the next page select “Remove Gmail Permanently”.
  • Read the page completely and provide information that is being asked on this page. After that click on “Remove Account” below.
  • In the next page select the Google services which you want to delete and click on check boxes to confirm your account deletion. Then click on “Delete Google Account“.

Deleting Gmail Account is sometimes a big task when you have multiple accounts.

This confusion can create many problems, So be careful while you delete your Gmail account. Not only this if just wanna Delete Gmail Account and not other services that are related to the same account should be done very carefully.

So first always read the instructions properly on every screen that you see in the process of Deleting Gmail Account.

On every screen, you will be clearly mentioned what to do next and what information Google need to delete your account.

When you provide proper information then you can delete Gmail Account very easily. Once the process is completed you cannot login to your account further. In few days from your last login, your account will be De-activated by Google.

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