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By | October 5, 2018

Forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail: Gmail is the most popular web-based mailing service in the world. Most people use Gmail as their primary mailing service to send emails which contain images, documents, messages etc.

There are so many mailing services available on the internet like Yahoo, Hotmail etc but millions of people prefer Gmail as the best mailing service because of its fantastic features.

There are so many advantages of Gmail account over yahoo mail that’s why people are forwarding yahoo emails to Gmail. Gmail has large storage space in that you can store huge amount of emails.

One strong advantage that emails allow you to send instant messages to your friends that are online easily and quickly. In Gmail, you can attach as many as files to your friends when compared to yahoo.

You can attach up to 5 files. Gmail allows for a bigger attachment size. Yahoo emails allow attachments up to 10 Mb and Gmail allows attachment up to 20 Mb.

Process Forwarding Yahoo Mails to your Gmail Account:

Because of advantages of Gmail over yahoo, all the users are switching to the Gmail as their mailing service. If you want to forward all your e-mail automatically onto Gmail, you need to sign in to your premium version that you cannot afford.

There is third-party which automatically forwards all Incoming e-mail to Gmail from Yahoo?

Follow the Steps to Forwarding Yahoo Mails to Gmail:

  • Log into your yahoo mail account You can set Yahoo to forward to any email address, including Gmail. Many users have reported that it is not working properly.
  • Click on the gear button which is present at the right corner and choose settings. You will enter into another page.
  • Click on accounts. your both yahoo and another connected account will be shown.
  • Click on your yahoo mail account with this your yahoo mail account setting will be opened.
  • Come down and choose a forward option with this you can forward messages to other accounts.
  • Choose the option what you want to do after forwarding the messages to another account. If you want you can store it in your yahoo mail.
  • Type the email address which you want to forward messages to and click verify. It will send the verification message to your email address you entered.
  • Many browsers don’t allow to appear popup after clicking on verify. Then click on the popup and allow popups from the Yahoo Mail.
  • Open your mail account and whether you got verification code or not. If you get the verification message you need to use this verification code to verify that you have owned the account which you have entered.
  • Click the link in the verification email. This will verify your account and add it to your yahoo mail account.

Second Method for Forwarding Yahoo Mails to Gmail:

The second method needs to run some programs on your computer which means it should be connected to the internet.

  • Download these two programs Easy e-mail forwarding from Windows only it does not support for mac users.
  • Ypops from
  • Install and run both the Ypops email and Easy Email Forward Software.
  • How to configure it: Right click the Easy e-mail in the system and go on Mail Settings.
  • In Application, check Run at start-up.
  • Click on red color folder for accounts setup.
  • In the accounts management window, keep your yahoo e-mail address.
  • Under Account Type, choose YPOPS.
  • Enter your Yahoo password.

In Forward To, enter your Gmail address

  • You need to enter an SMTP address. Enter your SMTP username and password.
  • Click save. And close that window.
  • If your SMTP mail server needs SSL security, you need files known as DLLs to make to work.
  • See in the Easy Email read me file for a link to the DLLs. Download the two DLLs and keep in your Windows system directory. Now, all Yahoo e-mail should be forwarded to your Gmail account.
  • You can open the Mail Settings again and press the Check For New Mail to make sure it works.

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