Amazing Gmail Features you must know

By | October 5, 2018

Gmail is considered to be one of the most powerful email services, but have you used all its features effectively?

The article introduces some of the great features of Gmail to help you save time and make good use of the features that Gmail offers.

10 Gmail Labs features you should try

Access to Gmail Web-based. Tap on options icon at the upper right of the screen, Select Settings > transfer to Lab card. In the “Search for a lab” box, type the name of Lab features.

Select “Enable” to activate Lab feature. Scroll down the bottom of the page, select “Save changes“. Gmail will automatically reload, and you can start using.

Quick Links

If features such as starred mail, and many Inbox label is great for accessing the necessary labels or messages, Quick Links can access anything, right from Gmail’s sidebar.

Once you activate the Quick Links in Gmail Labs, you will see a box on the left, which you can manipulate to access any URL bookmarked in Gmail, including saved searches, selecting specific messages, labels, or anything else.

You can only use them as a handy trunk of links, or even turn them into a to-do list. It’s convenient.

Canned Responses

If you find yourself doing a lot of repetitive typing, Canned Responses lab will help you save significant time.

Let’s activate this feature in Gmail Labs. You can even send them automatically by using the filters, which assured for a holiday still automatically reply to emails.

This function will use the “Filters” section of Gmail to split for each subject. Thus, users can manage and communicate better with your network connection.

Reply All

This function is simple but extremely effective. In an email including many participants, you might accidentally click on “Reply” at any email select “Reply All” to continue mail dialogue, then you only reply to one person.

Labs function will transfer the “Reply” button by default to “Reply All“.

When you just want to reply to one particular person, you can still select “Reply” button in the drop-down menu next to the “Reply All“.

Apps Search

If you use Google Docs or Google Sites, Search application (available in the Labs) is a great feature that extends the search capabilities of Gmail with two applications.

In that way, when you search for something in Gmail, it will also provide matching search results from Docs and Sites. You can do all the work related to the Google application in one tab.

Send and Archive

Archive is a form of sending email out your inbox, do not move to recycle bin but temporarily store it. You can search it later (using the search box) when you need to use.

By default you must manually select the messages you want to archive, but with the Send & Archive setting you can request Gmail automatically store immediately email after sending.

You can use this button when you have finished the email exchange with someone, you say thank you, and instead of pressing “Send” button as normal, click on “Send + Archive“.

Previously this button was an experimental Labs features, but now it has been officially integrated into Gmail already.

To turn this feature on, go to Settings -> Send and Archive -> Show “Send & Archive” button in reply.

Unread Message Icon

This Lab feature allows displaying the number of unread messages on the Gmail icon of the browser tab, so that you can know how much your pending messages while working in other tabs.

Note that you can only use this feature for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


If you must handle a large number of emails, you will probably feel a little annoying when Gmail automatically return to inbox after you delete, archive, or disable notifications of a certain email.

If you install Lab Auto-Advance features, you can set up Gmail should do in this case, such as after deleting / archiving, the move to the next email instead of returning to inbox.

Thus, we will work more efficiently and you’ll save more working time.

Once installed, Auto-Advance setting can be found in Settings > General tab > Auto-advance.

Preview External Services in Messages

Gmail had a few experiments that allow you to preview things such as videos, documents, voicemail, and email images if they are sent from certain services.

For example, if one of your contacts sends you a message with an address in which, Google Maps Preview Lab will automatically show you address on the map.

There is also a preview Labs for Google Voice, Yelp, and Picasso if you or your contacts use these services.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Have you a lot of time to handle email on Gmail? If the answer is yes then this is a Labs feature you should turn on immediately because it allows you to customize keyboard shortcuts as you like.

Actually, Gmail has its default shortcuts, but what are customized according to your habit will more convenient.

For example, to create a new message, you can press on N (New) instead of pressing on C.

Undo send

Just think about the case that you have recently written an impressive mail for your business and you are so into the writing section that you forgot attaching mail to it and hit send button.

And soon you realizes that you certainly shouldn’t have done that.

Undo send feature of Gmail which is available in Gmail lab – is there to protect you from this scenario.

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